My name is Eric Pardee. I'm an American he/him living in Southern California, originally from Waterford Connecticut. Leveraging technology to solve problems is how I would define what I do, my passion. A Technologist if you will.

My professional journey to Director of DevOps at DRINKS, was not a linear path. After studying Computer Science at UCSB, I dabbled in Database programming, then Web Design, Television Assistant Editor in LA, moonlighting as an IT Support Tech (few famous clients;), before moving on to Data Manager at a Hollywood Digital Film company then back to Post Production Television Software Development and Technical Services. When the "cloud" became a thing, I had my own company supporting clients in AWS and I finally landed at DRINKS where I support large online wine Ecommerce sites (wineinsiders.com, marthastewartwine.com) and our Wine-As-A-Service API platform.

Interested in learning more about me professionally? Checkout my LinkedIn or contact me if you'd like me to speak at your conference, podcast, etc.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, tinkering with software and engineering projects, like fiddling with Linux, home automation, mechanical keyboards, reading & learning about new tech, watching tech YouTubers and listening to endless podcasts.

I'm also a regular Spotify streamer of almost any music, casual sports fan (Lakers, Dodgers, LAFC, Saints) and I definitely enjoy hopping on my motorcycle and heading to the beach or inland to the farms.