Can you hear me now?

Remove background noise in your calls

Can you hear me now?

When the pandemic caused Work From Home in mid-March 2020, finding a quiet place to work proved to be difficult. Living in a small space, with a 1-year-old, a small dog, while also living with my sister-in-law, and in-laws… at my in-law’s house, surrounded by construction in all directions, on a busy street near Hollywood... ahhh, difficult.

That’s why when popped up on my radar (thanks Product Hunt!, or was it hackernews… ), I immediately gave it a try and have recommended it 9 times to coworkers in Slack since (yup, just counted).

Yes, of course, I was skeptical, this can’t work as advertised, can it?

According to website, Krisp is

AI-powered app that removes background noise and echo from meetings leaving only human voice.

I haven’t tried all 800+ apps Krisp claims to work with but I can attest to it working well in Slack, Zoom, and Teams.

What’s really cool is not only can Krisp block out noises on your end, if you set Krisp as your audio output, you can turn off noise coming from others on calls! I mean I love mechanical keyboards and playful kids but they are annoying when said noises are coming from someone else.

Krisp has videos and articles on how to set it up so I won’t go into those details.

Like I said, my go-to apps I use Krisp in conjunction with are

To give you an idea of how it actually sounds, here’s my daughter talking, iPad blaring while I say “I should be working on PCI”:

And here’s the same exact scenario but with Krisp on:

Pretty damn good, yeah… (Ignore the recording quality, recorded my phone on speaker)

If you’re thinking, cool, but AI is listening… are they harvesting my calls…? Nope, have a look at the privacy policy, it’s clean.

At this point you must think Krisp put me up to writing this but they didn’t, really. I’m just a fan, for real. And to be honest, I just use the free account. Their Personal plan aimed at professionals who occasionally work remotely is free with 240 minutes a week of microphone noise removal and speaker noise removal. Fortunately that’s enough time for me but if I needed more, it’s only $5/month, which is really a fair price for what you get.

So while I don’t always use Krisp, maybe when the washing machine and dryer in my office (cough garage) are running or my daughter is having ‘a day’, Krisp is my go-to when I need it. Seriously, try it next time there’s a noise on either end (wait, that ironically came out sounding bad 🙊💨).